Privacy is increasingly discussed in the mainstream media. Watch Samantha Bee and Ms. Robot raise awareness:

What is a Privacy Board?

NYCPrivacy advocates for the creation of a Privacy Guidelines Board to advise city legislators and agencies in the creation of policies that will protect New Yorkers’ data from being misused, as well as to serve as a conduit for receiving the community’s concerns.

Our vision of the "Privacy Guidelines Board" would meet criteria such that it's members would include individuals who are versed in privacy issues; represent the public as well as NYC agencies such as the NYPL, NYPD, DA Office, FDNY, DOE, DOH, DOB; and be inclusive to all city boroughs.

What is privacy?

Privacy is a form of respect given to individuals of a free society. The basis of a free society means that we get to engage with the world on our own terms, within the bounds of the law. But for a free society to flourish, the law must also protect this respect of the individual as a basic human right.

One of the unfortunate trends in our society is that privacy is not recognized as a thing. We believe this to be true because inherent in the concept of privacy is respect for information that individuals deem to be private, and this respect is noticeably absent.